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((( Merch )))

What to buy...
CD: Smile - "Dear God No!" (Live Album ::: $2.00/$5.00
CD: Smile - "June 28th, 2001" (Live Album) ::: $2.00/$5.00
Stickers: 1 Sticker (any of the 2 regulars) ::: $0.50/$1.00
Stickers: 3 Sticker Set ::: $1.00/$2.00
T-Shirts: Demo Cover T (White)::: $5.00/$7.00
T-Shirts: Demo Back T (White)::: $5.00/$7.00
T-Shirts: Deom Cover T (Other Colour):: $10.00/$12.00
T-Shirts: Deom Back T (Other Colour):: $10.00/$12.00
T-Shirts: Demo Cover Baby-T ::: $10.00/$12.00
T-Shirts: Demo Back Baby-T ::: $10.00/$12.00


"What's up w/ the two prices?!?" - - Well, the 1st price is the person to person price. It is what we use when you give us money, and we give u the CD. If u want it by mail, It's the 2nd price to deal w/ shipping aswell.
We're not trying to make profit here. We just need the money to replace the materials.

- Stickers are laminated w/ a shiny, clear, water-proof coating. And Peel off back.
- T-Shirts have Smile Sticker 2XXL design on the front, and the choice image on the back. They are specified colour shirts, and specify your size. Baby-Ts are the girl's T-Shirts.
- CDs are home burnt, and may not play in all CD players (like Myke's DVD player wont play burnt CDs). Might want to check that out. They have front image, back image, and inside image. Aswell as CD Label. High quality Print Outs.

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Ordering Information

Options (A) & (B)

(A) - Person to Person -
Hand us the cash, we hand you the product. If we do not have a print of it, we can always write you down, and get it for you A.S.A.P..

(B) - Postal Mail -
1. E.mail us w/ your order. Wait for us to return the e.mail verifying what you are ordering.
2. Once you recieve your Confirmation, send the amount mentioned to:
Smile Merch.
137 N. Spring St. APT#1
Bellefonte, PA 16823
3. Wait for us to send you your stuff. 2-4 weeks probably. No Garantee.
**We are not responsible for lost mail. If we do not get your money, we will tell you after waiting for 1 week. Then, if you did send it, it's your responsibility. The moment we put the items in the mailbox, they are no longer our responsibility. But, we haven't had any problems yet! ;) **
4. E.mail us when u recieve your package, so we know all is well.e.mail address: