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((( Biography )))

Gary Radziak - Drums (e.mail)
Chris Ingram - Guitar (e.mail)
Myke Vollero - Vocals (e.mail)
Steph Allen -- Bass (e.mail)

Smile is based in Bellefonte, PA (right outside of State College and Penn State University Park). All of the members are high school aged, and have played in other prior to Smile. Gary and Myke have been in bands since 8th grade, and have always had the same vision in mind. Chris joined the two of them in late May, 2001.

Originally, Dusty Walizer (bassist of Wentletrap) was jamming on and off with them. He did the very 1st show (June 28th, 2001) and his crazy basslines led Smile to pursue the funk bass sound. But Dusty was excessively busy, and Smile was looking for a dependable member. At the June 28th show, a bassist named Justin Norfolk came, to possible become a dependable bassist. After a practice, and the threat of an upcoming show, Justin decided not to join because of stress full schedualing already. Smile desperately need a bassist for the "Dear God No!" show coming up, so they called Steph Allen. The bassist of Myke and Gary's old band, Malevolent. In three days, she figured out the songs, and pulled-off the show very nicely.

After the show, we thought about keeping Steph. And with a group decision, we agreed apon her. The only delema seen within this choice is that she was already very busy. But She shows up for practice, and really has become a 'bandmate,' and not just a bassist.