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((( News )))

9.29.1 -- Sorry for the lack of updates. I know it's been a while. Let's see... At the Thursday show, we were kicked off the stage after two songs. :) That was cool. We were too heavy for the location. The show on the 22nd went very smoothly. Sick For The Holidays, Artificial Talent, then us, Smile. Pictures are now up in the Media section. Recording on the album is starting back-up. School kind of threw things off scheduale, but tonight will hopefully go w/o a hitch. We've been working on alot of stuff with this album, and making alot of band decisions. Also, we're looking for any (or all) Halloween shows available. If you know someone who's throwing a party of any kind, and they are looking for a heavy dark band, let us know. Same goes w/ people setting up Halloween shows. That's all we have for you at the moment... Once again, sorry for the lack of updates. The reason why will become clear with in the next few weeks hopefully.

9.10.1 -- ANOTHER NEW SHOW! Well, it's short notice, but the show is this Thursday, the 13th. We'll b going on, being the 2nd band, @ about 7:30. We will have about 15 minutes to a half hour. See, the drummer is the same in both bands, and he needs a break between sets... hehe. luck us, we are honored w/ that mission. It's Silence Betrayed's final show before they go their own directions (guitarist moving away), so come give them some support while you're there! And so you know, the bands on the 23rd @ gary's are Sick For the Holidays, Artificial Talent, and Disemboweled. Of coarse us aswell. Hope to see most of you there :) .

9.6.1 -- A NEW SHOW! It's been added to the show section. It's on September 22nd. It's a Saturday. Now, if you know of any local bands (metal, death, punk, hardcore, emo, anything), let us know. We're looking for people interested in being added to the billing. With school back, we haven't had much time for band work unfortunately. Sundays are the practicing scheduale for the time being.

8.27.1 -- It seems the internet is working again (atleast for the moment)... We've added a review of the Disemboweled show, and it's in the Press Section.

8.26.1 -- Myke's Internet is down temporarily, and Updates will be added, but not posted. Show w/ Disemboweled was a success, and dispite clashing of metal sub-genres, it seems Smile will be returning to the Coffee House sometime soon. Pictures from this show are added (thanks to mandee for the camera work). A basic site text updated is added aswell. EvilicidE Records link is added. Album Recording was sucessful on the 21st and 22nd. In those two days, all of the drum and guitar tracks were layed down successfully. Vocals and Bass are planned for the upcoming weekend.

8.17.1 -- Lyrics for "My Everything" (Formally "Choke Is Dead") have been posted on the E.Group. Sign in and check them out. Also, practice time complications have occured, and recording is moving very slowly. It's still being pushed just as hardly though.

8.12.1 -- Well, this is it. We have begun our voyage into our music and for some of us, our souls. This project means more to us than most would imagine. And for that reason, we are not going to rush this. Recording and album design have now begun, and will continue till the ending is reached. We may have less updates for you, but make sure you are on the e.list, for that is where we will be letting you know of our progress. The show for the 23rd is coming quickly, and hopefully we will see some familiar faces... Support is wonderful. Also, our Street Team is accessable through the E.Group Portion of this site, and at

8.2.1 -- Today @ practice, we wrote song #8. It's in need of cleanning up, but it's probably the heaviest song yet. Extremely Fear Factory Influenced. Album Name has been picked, and the track list has been decided. A show has been added to the show list. Set for a Thrusday night. If you need a ride, let us know. If you can give others' rides, let us know!

7.28.1 -- The Shockwave site has been removed, and instead, a different "Splash" site is up. There isn't much content on it, but there will be hopefully. We are not sure when we're going to be booked for The Coffee House in Lock Haven, but we're pretty sure we will be soon. The only problem we see with this is that Lock Haven is a 30 minute drive from Bellefonte, and a 45 minute drive from State College. I hope people can still make it! We'll keep you updated, and check out the spash site. Let us know what u think.

7.25.1 -- Uploaded a practice mix of "Lies" (#7) to the Media Section. It's a very cool dark song. But when the vocals were dubbed, it wasnt to make it sound good. Just to get an idea of the song. Enjoy, it will only be up for a little bit

7.25.1 -- Band Practice after a week where Gary was away. We wrote a new song (#7), and hoping to MP3 it soon (practice version). Added an IM w/ David of Lock Haven, PA. His opinions of Abscond is on there.

7.17.1 -- "EdgeCrusher" from June 28th, 2001 has become available on So it's been removed from this site. Credits have been put up on the SiteInformation Page.

7.16.1 -- Photo Gallery of "Dear God No!" Concert is up and running. Also added a short little IM w/ a different unknown DJ of QwkRock. That one is in the Press Section.

7.16.1 -- We've made our own web forum. Now you can talk back and forth with eachother on our site if you see it necessary. It's in the Guest Section, with our guestbook and our "Tell A Friend" links.

12 minutes before 7.16.1 -- Added Desolation Live Video from June 28th, 2001.

7.15.1 -- Today the MP3s from "Dear God No!" will be uploaded onto They will be available in a few days after they are uploaded. ALSO, webpage v4.3 is being finished. So expect a new Layout. Gary leaves today for a week to check out a college in Pittsburgh. Chris and Myke will still be getting together to work on writing new music for the upcoming Album we are planning.

7.13.1 -- The "Dear God No!" Show is tonight! Hope everyone shows!

7.9.1 -- Last night, we purchased it will b up running not to distant in the future. We are playing around w/ different web layouts, so everytime u come here, if it is different, let us know what u liked and what you did not like.

7.7.1 -- The world has gone spinning it seems. Here is the new creation of the Smile site... The News Updates will be the very same letters that you yourself get in the E.Mail (if u joined the e.list that is). For the update will be copy and pasted from there, to here.