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((( Press )))

Album Reviews:
-"Dear God No!" (Live Album), released August 1st, 2001
-"June 28th, 2001" (Live Album), released July 1st, 2001

Show Reviews:
-W/ Disemboweled, August 23rd, 2001
-"Dear God No!" (July-F13), July 13th, 2001
-June 28th, 2001, June 28th, 2001

Other Reviews/Interviews:
-Instant Message w/ WQWK, Fish the DJ who is in charge of the Band Brawl.
-Instant Message w/ WQWK 2, A different DJ's opinion of our Promo Kit.
-Instant Message w/ David, His opinion on Abscond Live from DGN (downloaded)


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